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Tuesday, 20 November 2012 10:52

Project Completion – Keppel Merlimau II Cogen & Marine project, Singapore

The company is pleased to announce that Keppel Merlimau II Cogen Civil and Marine project in Singapore has been successfully completed and has achieved in excess of 1,250,000 man hours LTI free.

McConnell Dowell were initially awarded the phase A civil works to provide the complete civil infrastructure for one KA26-1 single shaft turbine with an output of 400 megawatts. Subsequently, McConnell Dowell were awarded phase B civil works which added another KA26-1 single shaft turbine and an additional 400 megawatt capacity.

Following on from the civil works, McConnell Dowell were also awarded the construction of the cooling water intake structure which involved installation of temporary works, dewatering and excavation to 10m below ground level, reinforced concrete works, installation of permanent sheet piles and dredging of the intake channel.

During the course of the project the site team stepped up to the challenge of maintaining a high standard of safety on a technically challenging and extremely congested site, shared by numerous contractors, undertaking various scopes of work. Adding to the complexity was the extremely tight time frame given to each contractor requiring multiple work fronts to be open at any one time, as well as continuous interfacing across the site.

Numerous safety incentives were initiated on the site and regular safety talks were conducted to ensure constant communication remained in place to enforce the need for vigilance. The project peaked at a workforce in excess of 500 workers and 70 staff which demonstrates the level of focus required for such an achievement.