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POWER - McConnell Dowell understands the power sector: from civil works to control systems, plants to pipelines, our team is switched on to deliver certainty and success.

The Group has delivered turnkey and discrete package solutions across every power generation type including coal, gas, hydroelectric, geothermal and wind. Partnerships and repeat business with industry leaders such as Alstom, Siemens, Origin, and AGL, reinforce our strength and standing. McConnell Dowell’s Electrix enhances the Group’s power capability. This ranges from traditional and renewable generation to the ‘poles and wires’ that deliver electricity to homes and businesses. As a genuine fullservice provider, Electrix also deliver and maintain electrical, gas, data, and communications services to the commercial and industrial sectors. Electrix employs 1400 staff over 30 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

TRANSPORT - As urban communities continue to grow, the pressure and demand for complex transport facilities increase. Whether it’s a new tunnel, the refurbishment of an historic bridge, the expansion of a highway, or the construction of train and tramways, McConnell Dowell has the capacity and capability to provide for any transport challenge.

Experience and intelligent engineering has allowed us to push 3000 tonne bridges into place over night. Smart construction staging has allowed us to rebuild an inner city railway station while keeping passengers moving safely and on-time. And tireless stakeholder communication has kept residents and businesses fully informed and connected during their road system upgrade.

If the challenge involves delivering high quality transport infrastructure in harmony with the environment, community, and demanding stakeholders, McConnell Dowell is the company to meet that challenge.

WATER - McConnell Dowell is at the forefront of providing water Infrastructure solutions that meet the needs of today while addressing the challenges of tomorrow. Be it twin pipelines across Botany Bay, expanding dam capabilities in central Tasmania, or traversing swamp and mangrove to deliver a complete water distribution network to remote communities in Fiji: we deliver what’s needed, when and where it’s needed the most.

McConnell Dowell understands the importance and influence of water projects.  Undertaking extensive consultation before every project, we ensure our innovative solutions minimise community and environmental disruption.

The Group has played a major role in desalination plant projects across Australia and is currently engaged in projects covering bulk water storage, treatment plants, water and wastewater distribution and transfer networks, and recycle schemes.

Recognised for our clear and fresh approach to the management of complex water specific issues, McConnell Dowell is helping sustain the future.

McConnnell Dowell's capability in the Australian water sector is complimented by the presence of its parent group entity, Aveng Water.  Aveng Water has an established history in the design, building, maintenance and operation of plants for the treatment of water, specialising in acid mine drainage and desalination fields.  More



> Eastern Distributor Road Tunnel, NSW
> Sydney Water Desalination Pipeline, NSW
> Western Sydney Recycled Water Scheme, NSW
> Callide Power Station Chimney Stack, QLD
> Gold Coast Rapid Transit Project, QLD
> Hay Point Coal Terminal Expansion, QLD
> Lake Manchester Dam Upgrade, QLD
> Southern Regional Water Pipeline Project, QLD
> Adelaide Desalination Plant, SA
> Bakewell Underpass, SA
> Glenelg Tram Overpass, SA
> Seaford Rail Extension, SA
> Barwon Heads Bridge Replacement, VIC
> Bogong Power Hydro Station, VIC
> North Melbourne Station Redevelopment, VIC
> Mt Mercer to Long Swamp Highway, New Zealand
> Rosedale AWTP Ocean Outfall Project, New Zealand
> Te Mihi Geothermal Power Plant, New Zealand
> Ambuklao & Binga Hydropower Plants, Philippines
> Beauty World Station and Tunnels, Singapore
> Keppel Merlimau Cogen II, Singapore
> Sentosa Vehicular Bridge, Singapore