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'WE ACT today with the future in mind'

McConnell Dowell is acutely aware of the lasting and permanent presence our work adds to the communities in which we operate.  We acknowledge our responsibilities within these communities and provide leadership to deliver sustainable outcomes and exceed the expectations of stakeholders.

In establishing the organisation's Six Themes of Sustainability, we ensure our holistic approach continues to be embedded across our business and achieves results.  These areas being; Economic, Health & Safety, Environmental Impact, Governance & Risk, Our People - Employees, and Community & Social Investment.


McConnell Dowell Six Themes of Sustainability














We believe there is no better way to demonstrate our commitment than to deliver sustainable outcomes.  This is why sustainability is at the forefront of our operations to achieve lasting and meaningful success.  McConnell Dowell facilitated one of the first in-hour Australian Green Infrastructure Council initiatives from our own projects.
We now have an internal capability to complete AGIC certified Infrastructure Sustainability ratings, and prepare and plan our projects to achieve the most sustainable outcomes possible.

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McConnell Dowell believe it is imperative to ensure information is valued and shared, and that transparency in the Company is held in the highest regard.  This transparency is demonstrated through the disclosure of our carbon emissions and associated requirements as part of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and an enhanced reporting process.  We also require that our projects report key sustainability data such as electricity, fuel and material use as well as various GHG emissions.

With the guidance of our Sustainability Policy, and our attitude towards getting things done, we are able to achieve success while considering the future and stand up to any challenge.  This is what sets McConnell Dowell apart, and ensures that we act today with the future in mind.


McConnell Dowell operates in many countries around the world and while geography, culture, legislation and language may vary between our operating regions, one thing remains the same; our commitment to environmental protection and preservation through industry leading environmental management.  From bridges to pipelines, CCP Earth Awards to Green and Gracious Builder Awards - McConnell Dowell tackles difficult briefs but obtains excellent environmental results.

This goal is achieved through a combination of responsible management and planning, the proper allocation of resources to address any environmental sensitivities, and consultation with local and indigenous interest groups.

We operate in some of the most challenging environmental scenarios, traverse a range of habitat types and overcome environmental challenges posed.  Operating with an AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 certified management system allows McConnell Dowell to achieve environmental success on every project we undertake.  This is evidenced by the awards we've won, undertaking some of the most environmentally challenging construction projects and achieving continued industry recognition.

Material recycling and traffic management, coupled with brilliant community interface and heritage preservation, were recognised when McConnell Dowell won state and national level CCF Earth Awards in Australia for the Barwon Heads Bridge Project in Victoria.

Meanwhile. the Beauty World Station Project in Singapore won the Green and Gracious Builder Award for environmentally friendly and sustainable practiss throughout the project.  We are also proud to have won the inaugural Australian Pipeline Industry Association Environmental Award for our erosion and sediment control program.

McConnell Dowell puts environmental management in the spotlight because we chose to - not because we're forced to.  We hold environmental protection in the highest regard and promote a culture of genuine environmental care throughout the Company.  Our Environmental Policy is signed off by the CEO and recognised by each and every employee.  This is the McConnell Dowell difference that sets us apart and delivers exceptional results for our clients and the community.

Recent CCF Award winners include:

  • Meander RCC Dam, Tasmania
  • Bakewell Underpass, South Australia (State & National Award Winner)
  • Barwon Heads Bridge Redevelopment, Victoria (State & National Award Winner