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Health & Safety

Safety is paramount to our success.

We aim to instil safety in our employees the moment they enter our doors, or from the moment we roll-out onto a new site, weaving it into our corporate DNA.


No matter where you sit in McConnell Dowell, from CEO to General Managers, to Line Management and down through every employee, safety is a belief and a goal that is paramount above all else.

 We understand the importance of safe planning and resourcing and are committed to ensuring everyone involved in our operations is home without harm everyday. McConnell Dowell’s practises have a substantial focus on safety culture within the following parameters:

  • Leadership Training
  • Visiting Manager Reviews
  • Commitment Workshops
  • Safety Culture Reviews
  • Safe Talks


We commit to providing a safe work environment for all employees every single day, and to ensure that safe work practices, safety training and supervision are in place to eliminate the possibility of incident or injury. We continually seek to identify and eliminate any potential safety hazards on our projects and we won’t  compromise on safety. It’s as simple as that.

 McConnell Dowell has developed the  7 Safety Pillars  in order to ensure that we meet our safety goals, building a resilient safety culture throughout all sectors of the company.

  • Our managers’ performance is measured by their presence on site leading safety activities.
  • Everyone has safety accountabilities that are communicated and owned.
  • We invest in safety training to ensure everyone understands our safety systems so they can be applied consistently.
  • Effective safety structures in place to support our project delivery teams.
  • A strong focus on reassessing job safety when changes occur.
  • We look for hard controls when we are dealing with high risk activities.
  • Working as partners with our clients, JV partners and contractors is crucial in achieving a common approach and commitment to safety as we work towards our goals.


We welcome our clients, our sub-contractors and suppliers and engage them to ensure we’re all as safety-conscious as possible, and more importantly, that we’re all thinking about safety concerns in a holistic way. Safety is as important a kilometre underground as it is out working over water on a jetty, and it’s just as important in our plant yards, fabrication facilities and site offices around the world.


It’s important to us that what our clients see is what they get. We believe in trust, loyalty and keeping our word. We believe in ensuring everyone goes home without harm, everyday.

We're committed to responsible Occupational Health and Safety management as an integrated and integral part of our business and construction activities.  It’s our line in the sand, and one we won’t cross.