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We raise the bar for corporate excellence, and we make sure all our employees are accountable. Mediocrity gets us nowhere.

For many organisations excellence is all about systems and procedures. Don’t get us wrong, these are important and we have systems and procedures that have been honed and refined over 50 years of doing what we do. We’ve got procedures to efficiently move men and machines along 500 km pipe routes, to drive piles 40 m into the seabed and to move bridges across live rail lines. Our systems are all accredited to the exacting standards required by the ISO and that’s important for us and our clients. But excellence is much more than accreditations and certifications. It’s about people.

We equip, inspire and empower our people to be their very best and to learn through experience. Through them we reach the highest standards in all areas of the business.

Our environmental procedures are also second to none, with a number of our recent projects taking out the Civil Contractors Federation Earth Awards for innovative and environmentally-friendly project design and delivery.